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Before you read ANYTHING else. I give you this warning.

Caution: The contents in this LJ might contain excessive uses of the words "rock" and "awesome"

With that disclaimer out of the way, feel free to read up on my everything.

1. Waysome

Being waysome is the highest form of superiorty. There is no going beyond waysome, waysome is the maxX an object or being can reach. When something is called or referred to as waysome, it should be admired for it's superiority over life. Being called waysome is the greatest honor and has the same feeling as looking into the face of god and having him say you are his finest creation.

"Riki-ho is waysome."
Source: Ian Caton, Oct 9, 2004

Basically, if you want to know where I come from and don't feel like reading through my, now, big archive, just read this entry in particular http://k-ton.livejournal.com/65668.html. It basically has everything to do with my past. If your interested in who I am as a person, then go here http://k-ton.livejournal.com/36690.html. This is basically how my circuitry works, so if you understand this, then you understand me. Although I do confuse myself and I am a hard person to read since I tend to be way inwardly focused.

I changed my info because I don't know all the answers like I think I do. My mind and how I'm feeling about myself in general is always in a state of chaos and is never as static as I'd like to think it is. So if you want to know how I'm feeling in the current, then check my entries for a small glimpse as to how I feel, again, I don't usually say the stuff that really bothers me. I am INTP after all!

*** Changed my interests to make it a lot less complicated. Lengtheness FTL... if your honestly really interested in the shiz of the following categories, just fuggin ask me!